Tryon SDA helps in a big way

Published 12:06 pm Thursday, November 21, 2019

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The Tryon Seventh-day Adventist Church has a strong commitment to service that has rubbed off on their children in a BIG way.  

Several weeks ago, the story of Maja Stefanowska-Cieslak came to our attention. Our pastor’s wife worked with Maja, and that is where the story begins.

Both mothers became pregnant with their first children at the same time. The girls were born heathy and happy and their lives were filled with love and joy – knowing their girls would grow up dear friends.  

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Shortly after the girls’ first birthday, Maja’s family had exciting news as she discovered she was pregnant – with twins! The parents were overjoyed as they watched their family grow.

When her pregnancy was six months along, Maja went in for some routine bloodwork, and they received devastating news. She ended up needing an emergency C-section and her own diagnosis of leukemia. The twins spent months in NICU, but have come home happy and healthy.

Maja’s ordeal had just begun. She credits her babies with saving her life; it was only her routine bloodwork with them that caught her leukemia in time to give her a chance to fight it.  She has spent the past six months undergoing chemotherapy and radiation but is in need of a bone marrow transplant. Her sister was found to be a perfect match and will spend the holidays hoping to save her sister’s life. The transplant procedure is scheduled for early December.

Maja’s immune system is severely depleted and is often unable to be with her kids. Her courage each day is the hope that the bone marrow transplant will give here a new lease on life and allow their family to once again be reunited.  

Many times, we hear a story like this and realize how powerless we are against disease and sadness. Our students have banded together to share Jesus’s love and do what they can to help alleviate the latter for Maja and her family. We are making cards and letters, laminating them so they can be sterilized when received.

Last week, we decided for our Christmas service project we would attempt to fill a water cooler jug with coins to help their family during the holiday season. We are astounded at the outpouring of coins our students are bringing from piggy banks and coin jars at home. Every coin that goes into the bottle will be a ray of hope for this young family.  

Submitted by Lori Busch