Horse Attack Update

Published 12:08 pm Thursday, November 21, 2019

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Did a wild boar do it?

With questions about the recent horse attacks still unanswered, the local counties’ law enforcement members came together to answer any questions that community members may have about the ongoing horse attack investigation.


There were three counties represented at the watch group, Spartanburg County, Greenville County and Polk County. Each speaker made a point to share that the counties are working together to find the attacker. 


Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright was in attendance representing Spartanburg County at last night’s meeting. Sheriff Wright shared that as of now they do not have an idea of whom or what may be responsible for the horse attacks. 


Sheriff Wright shared that these events are not going unnoticed. South Carolina governor McMaster is aware of the situation, as he has been in contact with Sheriff Wright. SLED is now involved in the investigation, being there for any extra help the local counties may need to catch the attacker. 


 An audience member asked a question similar to, “could the attacks be from an animal?” That is when Spartanburg County sheriff office members shared that early Tuesday morning there was a confirmed horse attack, and that trail cameras captured footage showing that a wild boar had caused significant damage to the horse. 


Spartanburg County environment enforcement director Jamie Nelson commented saying that the cuts on the horse attacked by the boar did look very similar to those of the horses attacked previously. This seemed to bring shock to everyone in attendance. 


Sheriff Wright did confirm that the Spartanburg County Sheriffs Office is doing everything they can to get answers for local horse owners and community members. 


Sheriff Wright commented, “We are doing the best we can and using resources a lot of people do not know we have. Between all of the counties Spartanburg, Greenville and Polk, and now that SLED is involved, we have so much man power between the all of us. We will not give up until we find the attacker.”


Each of the law enforcement officials were careful to mention the techniques the sheriffs’ offices are using due to the fact that this watch meeting was put on social media. The last thing they want is for the possible attacker to be watching and learn what the sheriffs’ departments are doing to find the attacker. 


Polk County officials were asked if they believed the horse incidents are related to the horse attack from earlier this year in Green Creek. The representative for Polk County said that as of now there is no link between the instances. 


County representatives also mentioned that if it comes down to it and one of your own horses are attacked; please do not touch the horse unless it needs immediate vet attention. The county law enforcement asks you call emergency services immediately because they need to see the horse as the attack has happened. 


Each of the county representatives that spoke during the watch group shared that farm owners and animal owners of community should be very vigilant in the coming weeks. If you see something that is out of the ordinary going on, give local law enforcement a call. 


Each county also included that the areas most affected by the attacks should expect a larger police presence until this attacker is caught. 


And when this person is caught, the counties will not let it go with small charges. Each representative agreed animals are family and losing an animal is just like losing a family member. The local law enforcement is not taking this issue lightly.  


If you see something suspicious, you are encouraged to call your local law enforcement. 


For an emergency in Spartanburg County call 9-1-1 and for a non-emergency call 864.596.2222. For Polk County call 828.894.6254.

By Carson Parnell