St. Lukes Celebrates 90 years of service

Published 11:57 pm Monday, November 11, 2019

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On Friday, St. Luke’s Hospital held a special night to commemorate ninety years of service to the foothills.


Many local community members came out to take a tour of the hospital built in 1972. During the tour, onlookers were able to get background information on different departments of the hospital. People were able to see the Healing Arts Hallway, patient room size, nurses’ station and so much more.

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After the tour, visitors were escorted to the newest addition to the hospital, the occupational wing. There, they were greeted with a reception where tour goers had the chance to speak with physicians, nurses and important members to St. Lukes Hospital.


Michelle Fortune, CEO of St. Luke’s commented on the event and said, “We are so thankful to be celebrating 90 years of service in this area of the country.” She went on to say, “if [she] could tell someone how important this mile stone is, it would be that local hospitals close all of the time, the fact that this locally owned hospital has been constant for ninety years is a true joy and it is important that people choose the locally owned hospital for this to continue to grow.”   

by Carson Parnell