Rep. Jake Johnson Votes for Plan to Raise Teacher Pay

Published 12:20 pm Monday, November 4, 2019

Raleigh–Late Wednesday afternoon, North Carolina House Republicans held a press conference discussing their plan to give educators a larger pay increase than in the original House budget. This comes on the heels of Republicans announcing an additional $277 million dollars in projected revenue as a result of successful fiscal policies and a booming North Carolina economy.

Rep. Johnson (R-113) joined House leadership and many of his colleagues as they emphasized the importance of investing in our school system, and the necessity for both sides of the isle to come together on this issue. This bill officially titled Strengthening Educators’ Pay Act, passed the House with a vote of 62-46. 

If the Governor signs the budget, or an override is successful and the budget is implemented; the following changes would be made to the budget regarding pay raises:

  • Our K-12 Teachers who were originally looking at an average salary increase (based on years of experience) of 3.9% over the biennium, will now be getting a 4.4% raise over the biennium. That is an additional investment of $28.2 million dollars for K-12 teachers. 
  • Our Community College Professors who were originally looking at a 1% pay raise per year for the biennium, will now be getting a 2% pay raise each year. That is a 100% increase and total additional investment of nearly $37 million dollars. 
  • Our Non-Certified staff, who had been left out in past salary raises, and were looking at a 1% pay raise per year will now be getting a 2% pay raise per year with a .5% bonus as well, over double the original pay raise increase. An additional $46.2 million dollars.
  • In addition to those listed above, there will also be a raise given to Assistant Principals across the state, the North Carolina University System professors, and the instructors at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. 

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**This plan put forward by Republicans in the legislature would give an additional $245,488,949 in pay raises for our teachers and other school staff. 

Rep. Johnson commented, “I believe education has to be a top priority in North Carolina if we want to see long-term success and stability in our state. Thanks to the fiscal policies that allow this economy to flourish, we are able to take that revenue and reinvest it in our schools. If implemented, this plan would provide much deserved pay increases to educators from our K-12 schools, our community colleges, our state universities, as well as other staff and faculty who play such a large part in our students’ experience. Thank you for all that you do.”


Submitted by Rep. Jake Johnson