District 1 employees’ personal info leaked 

Published 12:16 pm Monday, November 4, 2019

It has been a rough week for Spartanburg County District One with the district confirming personal information of district employees had been released to the public. Chief executive communications director for Spartanburg district one, Sandra Williams sent out a press release that personal information of three district employees had been leaked and posted onto social media. The press release read:


“The district can confirm that personally identifiable information for two Spartanburg One employees and a former contract employee were unfortunately shared with the public. This information was then shared by a member of the community on an online social media platform. Law enforcement was notified and reports were filed. 

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Spartanburg One places the safety and security of its students and staff above all else and is deeply concerned about the actions which led to this unfortunate violation of privacy. The district is in the process of purchasing identity theft protection for these employees and is working with law enforcement in this matter. The district would like to reassure all of its employees that the protection of their personal and private information is of the highest priority.”


As of now, the district has filed complaints with the Campobello Police Department but no criminal charges have been pressed against the community member who believes they had no idea that there was personal information on the paperwork posted to social media. 


It goes without saying that the district is upset that this has happened. Williams told local news, “Trust has been broken. They don’t know how or why this came to be. We place the safety and security of students and staff as our top priority.” The District is cutting no corners for security with this unseen event and is doing their absolute best to get everything back in order. 


The district is warning others about the importance of using social media. Williams also mentioned to local news, “you have to be sure that what you’re sharing is something that would be OK for the world to see.” 


As of now the district seems to be in a waiting period to determine where to go next with the heartbreaking situation. 

By Carson Parnell