Fountain at Vets Park leaking

Published 11:34 pm Thursday, October 24, 2019

Columbus paying $500 to get the fountain inspected

COLUMBUS—Once the fountain at Veterans Park in Columbus is drained this year for the winter and inspection will be done to make repairs. 

Columbus Town Council met last week and approved spending $500 for Carolina Pool and Spa to inspect the fountain and to prepare of cost estimate of necessary repairs. 

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Councilman Robert Williamson said during the town’s capital planning one of the things discussed was that the Veterans Park fountain leaks. He explained that one of the nozzles is broken and that bricks are cracking. He said he really looked for a professional fountain repair company and discovered that Carolina Pools and Spas do commercial pools. 

Williamson suggested waiting until after the fountain is drained for the winter to have it inspected and see what the repairs may cost. 

“He’s local. He’s right here,” Williamson said. “He has a good reputation in the community. And does major pool work.” 

Williamson said the system in the fountain is just like a pool. He mentioned that Carolina Pools and Spas restored the Bradley pool off Skyuka Road, which is about 90 feet long. 

“My concern is it’s not going to last another hard winter,” Williamson said. “Ice and freezing and thawing is going to make that crack even more.” 

He said there are very few people who do major commercial pool work and with the inspection and cost estimate, the town can then put the repair project out for bid. 

The money for the inspection will come out of the town’s budget for Veterans Park. 

The town will shut down, drain and flush the fountain per usual for the winter months prior to the fountain being inspected.