Smoke detectors

Published 11:40 pm Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Letter to the editor

To the Editor

My thanks to the Green Creek Fire Department for their alert about some unsafe smoke and CO alarms.

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What I believe is more of a problem is the limited life of smoke alarms. An alarm has two inputs. The Test Button and the Sensor. Pressing the test button merely tells you that the battery and electronics are working. It says nothing about the sensor which degrades over time.


You can test the sensor by using real smoke. Holding two or three lit matches about two feet below your smoke detector should cause the alarm to activate.


 The US Fire Administration says all smoke detectors should be replace every ten years. That is why they all are stamped with a date. You can learn more at the US Fire Administration and the National Fire Protection Association web sites.


Hugh Porter

Columbus, NC  28722