Polk ranks low in state for children living in poverty

Published 10:09 pm Wednesday, September 25, 2019

State ranks Polk 73rd out of 100 counties at 21 percent

POLK COUNTY—Polk County ranked low this year for the number of children living in poverty. 

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners recently released its 2019 Map Book, which has statistics for all 100 counties in the state. 

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Polk County was ranked the 73rd lowest in the state for children living in poverty, at 21 percent. 

The highest number of children living in poverty was in Robeson County, at 44 percent. 

Transylvania had the most children living in poverty in nearby counties at 24 percent, as well as Rutherford County, at 24 percent. 

Buncombe and Henderson counties were two of the lowest ranked at 18 percent each. 

Camden County was ranked the lowest in the state, at 11 percent of children living in poverty. 

The NCACC calculated the rankings as the percentage of children under age 18 living in poverty. The characteristics of family used to determine the poverty threshold including the number of people, number of related children under 18 and whether or not the primary householder is over age 65. Family income was then compared to the poverty threshold and if that family’s income is below the threshold, the family is in poverty. The 2019 poverty threshold for a family of four is $25,750, according to the NCACC.