Problems in Beechwood

Published 11:13 pm Sunday, September 22, 2019

Columbus resident urges town to fix roads

COLUMBUS—One Columbus resident continues to ask the town to fix issues in Beechwood subdivision, including repairs to roads and ditches. 

Columbus Town Council met Thursday and heard from Susan Johann. Johann and other residents have come to the town in the past asking for repairs to roads, as well as complaints about a home that is in disrepair. 

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“The streets there need attention and they aren’t getting any,” Johann said. 

Johann said the roads are falling off at the edges and the ditches are getting deeper. 

Columbus Town Manager Tim Barth said it will be a couple of months whether the town can bid fire hydrants for a project to run a new water line there. He said after the 6-inch water line is installed, the roads can be addressed. 

Johann said neighbors have been helping neighbors clear out ditches so people can get into their driveways. 

“Until we get the water line in, it doesn’t make any sense to do anything with the roads,” Barth said. 

He explained that a 6-inch water line will go straight up Beechwood and stop at Hague Drive. Another 6-inch line will go up Beechwood West and another up Hague Drive, he said. 

Johann explained that once people go up Beechwood and go around Newman, that road is starting to fall. She said it is beginning to affect her driveway as well as others. 

Columbus Mayor Eric McIntyre asked if the town got all the signatures needed from residents for the work. 

Barth said they got all signatures for the people who had easements. He said the town needs to get with the United States Department of Agriculture in order to get the project bid. 

“We are very close,” Barth said. 

Barth said he’s hoping in three weeks the town can bid the project, then it will be open for a month before the town can open bids. 

Johann also asked about a house the town has considered condemning at 75 Beechwood West Drive. 

Johann said she and others are concerned that they have heard the house was deemed livable, but they see a broken window where animals or people could climb in. She asked for the status on the house. 

Barth said the owner has not been very responsive recently and he is going to send a letter saying if she does not respond and take care of the problems, the town will proceed with condemning the house.