Kudzu is consuming us

Published 11:21 pm Monday, September 2, 2019

Tryon commissioner says something has to be done

TRYON—One Tryon Commissioner says that the invasive plant kudzu has reached a critical mass in Tryon and something has to be done. 

Tryon Town Council heard from commissioner Crys Armbrust during its August meeting about kudzu. 

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“It is literally consuming our community,” Armbrust said. 

He said we must as a collective endeavor in this small government, along with private property owners, develop some programs to address eradication in the Town of Tryon. 

“And I’m open to suggestions from anyone as to how to begin that process,” Armbrust said. 

Council members spoke to John Vining, who attended the meeting. He talked about chemicals that kill kudzu but not 85-90 percent of other vegetation. Vining said Lontrel is more expensive than others but it does not kill other vegetation. Lontrel, according to Vining, years ago was $145 a quart, which would take care of an acre and a half. 

Commissioner Bill Crowell said the town cannot spray private property. 

Armburst said that does not mean that a property owner could not request the town to come on their property. 

But town manager Zach Ollis said citizens cannot just call the town to come kill kudzu on private property. 

Commissioners directed town staff to look into a couple of things regarding kudzu, including speaking with the forest service, who will come out to private property for $150. 

Ollis said last week the town is going to try to educate people about options, including what contractors will come and spray kudzu. 

Look for more articles in the next couple of weeks in the Bulletin regarding the forest service program and what property owners can do to control kudzu.