Asbestos found at burnt Melrose Inn

Published 10:53 pm Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Town spent $1,200-$1,500 on testing

TRYON—The former Melrose Inn, which burned down last year, recently tested positive for asbestos. 

Tryon Town Council met last week and heard from code enforcer Tim Daniels regarding several minimum housing structures the town is working on. 

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Daniels said the town ordered an asbestos inspection on the Melrose Inn and there is asbestos in the siding. 

Commissioner Crys Armbrust asked the cost of the test. Daniels said between $12,00 and $1,500. 

The town earlier this year approved an ordinance to clean up the former inn, which burned to the ground last September due to an electrical issue. 

The ordinance gives the town the right to clean up the property, located at 55 Melrose Avenue, across from the Tryon Fine Arts Center. 

The town received one estimate for the clean up earlier this year at $95,650. The inn was 26,000 square feet and burned to the ground, but still has a full basement full of debris. 

The Melrose Inn was built in 1889. 

During last week’s meeting, there was some discussion of other structures around town that need to be looked at for demolition. Daniels updated council on a few structures where notices have been sent because they do not meet the town’s minimal housing standards. 

Commissioner Bill Crowell said there is a house on New Market Road overgrown by Kudzu. He said he would get Daniels the exact address. Armbrust added that he road by that house the other day and it looks like the owners are letting it get consumed by kudzu. 

Armbrust also said questioned the minimum housing ordinance in town being complaint driven. 

“I’d be more interested that we have a proactive approach in Tryon, N.C.,” Armbrust said. “Our town would be better served and our citizens as well.” 

He mentioned two other properties that need to be looked at, including one at the corner of Markham Road and Grady Avenue. Daniels said that owner got a demolition permit.