Tryon’s Knights in shinning armor

Published 12:29 pm Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Letter to the editor:

Thursday is my Tryon day. I love that warm welcoming feeling as I drive in to join my friends, the artists that make up the “Tryon Painters and Sculptors” studio. They are lovely bunch of talented people who encourage each other to be all we can be.

But today I experienced a new feeling of warmth when the most surprising thing happened. I was struggling to get everything out of my car and accidentally locked my purse and keys on the front seat. I was fretting as to what I was going to do when my friend Gwen Bailey, a long time Tryoneer said, “just call the police, they will take care of you.” Though disbelieving I duly followed another studio mate, Eleanor Bundy, the two blocks to the police station where we informed officials of my “Damsel in distress” situation”.

Kindly two of the town’s finest immediately volunteered to rescue me. Hence—a BIG ‘Thank You’ to Town Manager Zach Ollis and Capt. Randall Hodge. You are my knights in shining armor, and two more reasons why Tryon is a remarkable small town. 

LaVerne Barbare
Taylors, SC