Unexpected help from an unlikely place

Published 12:38 pm Thursday, August 1, 2019

Steps to HOPE’s Shelter Manager, Cindy Thacker, recently visited Food Lion in Columbus to purchase groceries for the shelter. We had a full house and those grocery items were staples that were desperately needed. When she went to check out, the computers were down and she couldn’t charge as we normally do. After Cindy told the manager on duty, Ray, what these groceries were for, he donated a $20 gift card and two of the cashiers, Kelci and Brandy, paid the balance in cash out of their pockets. 

Due to the kindness of these Food Lion employees, our shelter residents were able to have staple ingredients with which they could make dinner and breakfast the following morning. Kindness and generosity are never a bad idea. We are so grateful for people like Ray, Kelci and Brandy who go above and beyond to help our shelter continue to be a safe, comfortable place for the families who stay here. 

Steps to HOPE survives on donations from caring people and businesses like these.

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Thank you Food Lion, Ray, Kelci and Brandy! 

Submitted by Paula Ravan