Fighting for our animals 

Published 10:28 am Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Spartanburg County Council addresses animal ordinance 


SPARTANBURG COUNTY—On Monday, July 15 the Spartanburg City Council addressed several proposed changes to the animal ordinance during the County Council Meeting.  

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The new amendment is focused on redefining and extending the rights of outdoor animals under the tethering ordinance. The proposed changes to the County’s animal ordinance would include; more humane types of collars and cords for tethering like a swivel or trolley system and defining adequate shelter for animals that live primarily or entirely outside. 

Public sentiment during the reading of the new ordinance allowed for public comments, some comments advocated that the new amendments were better than nothing, but that they didn’t go far enough in giving animals the proper rights and protection they deserve.  Suggestions for additional amendments to the animal ordinance were asking the council to set regulations on time and temperature limits for animals being left outside.  

“It is time that we stood up, and we addressed the needs of our people in Spartanburg County of our people, the citizens, the taxpayers,” said County Councilman and Landrum resident Bob Walker.  

Walker’s statement was met with an emphatic complaint from one Spartanburg County resident that stated people can think and speak for themselves, dogs can’t.  

County Councilman Bob Walker represents District 5, which encompasses Landrum, Campobello, Inman, and several other communities in the Northwest portion of Spartanburg County.   

Monday night was the County Council’s second reading of the new animal ordinance amendment; the Council must hold three readings before it can go into affect. The amendment as it stands is focused on the tethering of outdoor animals. 

By Samuel Robinson