The City of Saluda could sponsor a “new” event

Published 10:27 pm Sunday, July 14, 2019

SALUDA—One of the topics of discussion in the Board of Commissioners meeting for the City of Saluda on Monday June 8, focused on the improper signage of the Saluda Tailgate Market.  

While discussing the amendments to the City Zoning Ordinance the City Manager, Jon Cannon, brought up the city ordinance in regards to signage on residential and public property. The amendment only allows signage that is two square feet or smaller, the Saluda Tailgate Market has a full size banner currently displayed on a piece of public land that exceeds the ordinanceCannon said that recently another party approached the board seeking permission to put a sign on public land that would exceed the size limitations of the city ordinance for non-city sponsored events 

Cannon said, “Several signs have already gone above and beyond that original two square feet. As per our own ordinance we can’t allow signage above two square feet.”  

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Mayor Fred Baisden said, “I don’t think any of us viewed the banner as a problem until this other party asked for another banner.” Cannon suggested that in order to allow the Tailgate Market banner to stand and be within the regulations of the newly adopted city ordinance that the City could become an official sponsor for the Tailgate Market.  

The City of Saluda has allowed the Tailgate Market to use City parking spaces for the event at no cost. The Tailgate Market is in its tenth season this summer, and has used the city parking from the beginning. Councilman Leon Morgan said, “I personally believe that since the City allows them to use the parking lot they should have the same rights as the other city events and fall into that same category.”  

If the City of Saluda became an official sponsor for the Saluda Tailgate Market, the banner would be allowed to stay.  

Cannon said, “You could argue that the City is already a sponsor by providing the parking lot and not charging for its use.” Councilman Morgan mentioned that roughly ten years ago when the Tailgate Market started, the City of Saluda helped the Tailgate Market Committee pay for a small house that is used as storage for the event. Morgan said that he believed the city split the cost of the building evenly with the Tailgate Market, and that should give the City additional grounds to be a sponsor for the event.  

Cannon said that he would speak with the City Attorney to put together a proper sponsorship agreement to present to the board during the August meeting. In the meantime, the Tailgate Market Banner will be allowed to remain in its current location. 

By Samuel Robinson