Confederate Flag flew at Coon Dog Day 

Published 10:15 pm Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Several Saluda residents disappointed  

SALUDA—On Monday July 8, several residents attended the Saluda Board of Commissioners meeting in order to vocalize their displeasure over what they called a “blatant symbol of racism” at the Coon Dog Day Parade.  

On July 6, the City of Saluda hosted its annual Coon Dog Day in the historic downtown area and surrounding parks. The festival includes a parade in which a Grand Marshal of festivities is voted on, and rides in the front of the parade.  The Grand Marshal for the 2019 Coon Dog Day Parade was Pearlie Harris, an African-American that grew up in Saluda.  

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Bruce Jayne has lived in Saluda full time for over four years with his wife and said he was distressed at how prominently the Confederate Flag was displayed at the Coon Dog Day Parade. “The Grand Marshal was invited by the City, she grew up in Saluda and was a part of the parade with that flag flying right behind her.” Jayne served in the United States Navy for over 30 years after growing up in Mississippi.  

Jayne said that he is aware that many people claim it is a symbol of history and heritage but he believes from his own experience growing up in Mississippi that the Confederate Flag is a blatant symbol of racism and white supremacy 

Jayne was very vocal about his concern and displeasure that the Confederate Flag flew in the parade that was sponsored by the City of Saluda, just mere feet from the American Flag. 

“The State of South Carolina saw nine people murdered before they took that flag down from the State House. It shouldn’t take anything but some resolve from us to make sure it does not fly in a publicly sponsored event in this town.”  

Jayne was cut short before he could completely finish his statement to the Board as he had used the allotted time allowed for public comments. The Board made no comment at the time either in support or disapproval of Jayne’s statements. After Jayne was stopped, several other Saluda residents made similar complaints to the Board in order to bring the issue to their attention.  

By Samuel Robinson