Campobello man arrested for domestic violence  

Published 10:41 pm Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Racks up a four additional charges following his arrest 


CAMPOBELLO—On May 27, the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic disturbance call on Rainbow Lake Road that lead to the arrest of Bryan Keith Hyder for multiple charges of drug possession. According to the report, Officer White responded to the call described as a domestic dispute at a campsite on Rainbow Lake Road along with Officer Southern 

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Spartanburg County Medic 10 was the first to arrive on the scene, shortly followed by the arrival of Officer White and Officer Southern. The report says that the victim was receiving treatment at the building at the entrance of the campground; the report states that the injury appeared to be on her right foot. 

The report states that the victim told Officer White and Officer Southern that she had been arguing with her fiancé, Bryan Keith Hyder and that things escalated. The victim stated in the report that she went behind the tent in the early morning when Hyder approached her and pushed her down an embankment that led into a ditch. It was during the fall down the embankment that the victim claimed she injured her right ankle. The report states that both Officers did notice swelling in the victim’s ankle and woodland debris on her clothing.   

The victim stated that two unnamed men helped her out of the ditch before security guards helped load her on to a golf cart to transport her to the front office where they awaited EMS and police.  

The report states that the victim told the Spartanburg County Officers that Hyder had been making threats for almost two hours to shoot everyone involved. The victim also told police that Hyder kept a gun in his pickup truck that was parked next to their tent; Missy told police that the gun could be found in the center console.  

Officer White and Officer Southern followed the victim back to the campsite; the report states that they found Hyder inside the tent when they arrived. Officer Southern searched Hyder’s person for weapons before searching the pickup truck for the gun. 

The report states that the Officers told Hyder that the victim was on her way to the hospital, Hyder stated that he was trying to help her but that other campers were arguing and wouldn’t let him. The report also states that Hyder told police that the two live together and that the victim fell while she was behind the tent, Hyder denied that he pushed or physically harmed her in anyway.  

Officer Southern questioned Hyder in regards to the pistol and it’s location, the report states that Hyder complied and told Officers it was in his truck in the console. Officer White walked with Hyder towards his patrol car while Officer Southern began searching the truck for the pistol. During the search of the vehicle, Hyder’s mother arrived on scene and began talking to him. Officer Hyder and Officer Southern searched the vehicle together. The report states that Officer White located the pistol behind the console in a holster, and while continuing to look for other weapons in the immediate area, Officers noticed several pill bottles.  

The report states that Officers found two large bottles and smaller green one, one of the bottles did not have a label at all. Officer Southern gather all three of the pill bottles to take as evidence. The report states that Hyder became agitated and yelled at the Officers as they searched his truck and had to be placed into investigative detention in Officer White’s patrol car.  

Officer Southern pointed out that Hyder had small plastic baggies a small plastic container (it was empty) that was found during his initial search. Both Officers agreed that the empty container smelled of Marijuana. After finding probable cause of drug use or possession, the report states that Officer Southern thoroughly searched the truck finding more pills and a grey fabric bag that had a green plant material in it, also believed to be Marijuana. Along with the bag Officers found two sets of scales and additional baggies labeled 4:20 a common term for Marijuana usage. 

Using the website, Officer Souther identified the pills in the unlabeled bottles as hydrocodone, diazepam, and amphetamine. 

In addition to the confiscated drugs, the report states that Officers Southern identified two packages of cash when he gave Hyder a pat down when they first arrived, after confiscated the drugs Hyder no longer had the cash on his person. The report states that Officer Southern found the money on Hyder’s mother Rita and it came up to a total of $2,035. The cash along with the drugs were confiscated and taken into evidence. 

Hyder was charged with Domestic Violence in the third degree. Officer White spoke with Judge Sherlin at the jail. Judge Sherlin issued warrants for PWID dextroamphetamine, schedule 2 drug, 2019 PWID diazepam, a schedule 4 drug, PWID hydrocodone, a schedule 2 drug, and PWID Marijuana. 

The pistol was ran in the gun NCIC, it was not listed as stolen and was returned to Hyder’s mother at his request. 

By Samuel Robinson