Current affairs of Tryon 

Published 11:19 pm Sunday, April 21, 2019

Community update 


TRYON—The Town of Tryon is looking to replace the light previously located at the Nina Simone plaza downtown. Town Manager Zach Ollis provided members of the board with a catalogue with different lighting options that the members of the council well choose from. Members of the council voiced their desire to match the new lighting fixture as close as possible to the existing fixtures in downtown they cannot get those exact fixtures because they are no longer being produced. The board expressed interest in potentially updating all of the lighting in downtown in the future. Ollis stated that the benefit of doing the entire street in the future would mean that the depot could get all of its’ lights as well as expanding some lighting to Palmer. That is a project to be discussed in the future by the planning community and the Board. 

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The contractors are expected to begin work at Rogers Park soon to install the new permanent cover. The new cover will remain in place year round and offer more protection from the elements during events at Rogers Park.  The project is expected to be completed by the first weekend of May. 

The Board passed a resolution approving the budget to repave Cleveland Road and Carson Street. Each repaving project was passed in separate resolutions.  

An additional list of repairs and maintenance for the month included repairing a water line on 176 that burst, the façade at Town Hall was repaired, and nearly twelve tons of asphalt was used around town filling potholes. 

Councilman Bill Crowell asked the Board if anyone from the Lake Lanier home owners association had contacted them since the last meeting. Ollis stated that he had been in contact with a few individuals from the group. Crowell proposed the idea of having a meeting designated for identifying what the Town of Tryon’s rights are in regards to Lake Lanier and in what capacity is the Town allowed regulate and control the lake. 

By Samuel Robinson