Grant denied 

Published 11:32 pm Thursday, April 18, 2019

Saluda did not receive state grant to map water/sewer system 


SALUDA—The City of Saluda found out last week that it was not awarded an up to $150,000 grant to map its water and sewer systems.  

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The Saluda Board of Commissioners met last week and heard the announcement from City Manager Jonathan Cannon. Cannon the state just did not approve many grants at all this cycle, but the city will resubmit the application this fall.  

“The state had $5 million for the entire state,” Cannon said. “100 counties and 500 municipalities; it doesn’t go very far.”  

Saluda hired McGill & Associates Engineers late last year to apply for North Carolina’s Asset Inventory Assessment grant.  

The grants are geared toward water and sewer systems. The mapping would allow Saluda to show the locations and deficiencies in the city’s systems. After the mapping, Saluda could create a capital improvement plan for potential repairs to its system.  

McGill & Associate’s Keith Webb told city officials last year that legislators saw the key role that water and sewer systems play in the livelihood of sustaining communities. In recent years, Saluda has had major issues with its aged infrastructure, so McGill thinks Saluda has a chance of being awarded. He said last year there were 90 applications and 30 of those were funded.  

If the grant is funded after the fall cycle to Saluda, McGill will be paid an estimated $3,000 from the grant funding. If after the two cycles, Saluda is still not awarded the grant, the city will pay McGill the fee for applying.