A Tribute from Volunteers 

Published 11:19 pm Thursday, April 18, 2019

We see the terrified look in your eyes when arrival as you are wondering what is going on. We see the scared look on your faces as you are trying to figure out what happened to your life. We feel the sadness and heartbreak you experience as you try to make sense of it all. We see the grieve in your bed for weeks and are thrilled when you finally approach the kennel door with a slight wag of your tail. We look back at you when you look to us for assurance and stability. We see the doubt in some of your eyes wondering if you can trust again. We see the beauty in your soul. We see the years go by as your muzzle grays and your changes for a home dwindle, yet we see that your worth increases more than most with ever know. You struggle to find your way. You show us how vulnerable you are and how incredibly resilient you can be. You show me your intelligence and how much you can thrive with direction and guidance. You impress us and fill us with awe. You make us laugh, cry and wonder. You teach us how life can be full of surprises and what happens when you never give up. It is the hope in your eyes as you walk out the door to start a new life that is what we wish for. It is how we live our lives and what we believe. It is how you save us and many others. It is a mutual respect, love and hope that keeps us going. It is for you and a better life for all, that we work for you and love every minute of it. It is the pure privilege of crossing path, and to share a part of life with you, our sweet, noble and precious gift from God.  

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