Trying my best to keep up

Published 10:57 pm Thursday, March 28, 2019

I wish my readers to please understand that when I speak of my recent shortcomings I am by no means complaining. I feel truly blessed that the cause I have chosen and prayed upon receives so much support and prayers. I have reached a point where I designate most of my cases though all come through me for approval. The most debilitating for me is dialysis, it simply wipes me out. All of that being said, I use my good days almost exclusively devoted to my precious kids.

I received a call from Upstate Veterinary Specialists from Dr. Hogan. “Mr. Rizzo, I’ve been told to ask if you could help me by Dr. Keith Allen.” Keith is an old friend who is the chief of surgery; he and I worked on dozens of my kids. His name brought a smile to my face as I answered, “What seems to be the problem?” “A nine month old French bulldog has swallowed a fish hook and it’s in a position where we must operate.” “Okay,” I said, “If Keith okayed it I’m sure both the pup and his owner are deserving.” I learned the Frenchie was a female named Everly Grace and the fee would be around $3,000. I gave Upstate permission to give Everly’s owner my phone number. Almost immediately my phone rang and I spoke with a young lady that owned Everly. “Mr. Rizzo, I will do everything in my power to pay you back, I’ll try to send something every month.” I laughed, “That is sweet of you, that will help me to help others, but for now let’s pray all goes well.”

As I’m writing this I’m just waiting for the bill to come. The operation was a great success and Everly began eating almost at once when she awoke from anesthesia. I’ve had another long phone call with Everly’s owner and hopefully I’ll get to meet my new kid soon.

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I’ve recently helped two kittens and am working on a third plus keeping an eye on Gigi, an old one-eyed friend of mine who’s back at the vet.

I went to the Cat Fest at the Tryon Theatre Monday night and was humbled by the many strangers who greeted me and asked of my welfare.

So you see, I may be moving a little slower and need much more rest but still the Good Lord sends me plenty of Angels and always seems to answer my prayers, especially where my kids are concerned.

As I stated earlier, dear readers, “No complaints, I am a blessed man.”

Thanks for listening.