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Candy Land challenge 

Landrum churches hosting children’s event Sunday, March 31 

By Samuel Robinson 



Landrum—On Sunday March 31, four Landrum churches will be hosting an open event for the community welcoming children to experience a life sized version of the classic board game, Candy Land. 

The event will be held from 3-5 p.m. Sunday at the Landrum United Methodist Church.  



The four churches that will be putting on the event include the Landrum United Methodist Church, The Well, Fairview Baptist Church and Landrum First Baptist Church. Volunteers from all four churches will help to run the game and help kids as they progress across the board. The game is targeted at elementary and preschool aged kids.   


Anna Vest is a member and volunteer at The Well and helps run one of the Sunday school classes. Anna and her family will be among those volunteering on Sunday.  


“The churches are taking the board game Candy Land, and making it life size, challenging children to act as the game pieces as they make their way through the board,” Vest said. “The game will be set up inside the gym of the Landrum Methodist Church”  


While the event is aimed at younger children, it will provide a good opportunity to teach the preteens and teens in the community about giving back and being involved in their community.  


 “Members of the various youth programs from all four churches will be dressing as characters from the Candy Land board game and participating in the challenge by distributing rewards (candy) to kids and helping them navigate the board,” said Vest.   


Vest said the real purpose and challenge of the event was to try to unify the various churches in the community to work together for the benefit of the children. The event will offer an opportunity for children from different ages and church organizations to interact within the community in a way that is positive and hopefully, educational. 


This event is the first of what many hope to be a series of community events put on by the church community.  


Various churches and church leaders in the Landrum area have been working together to bring the community closer together for over a year,” Vest said. “The first phase of the community outreach came in the form of community service that they have agreed to get together and do quarterly and have been doing for awhile now. 


The Vest family said they are optimistic that the Landrum community can continue to support one another and build upon these events in a positive way, but for now, they are just excited for this weekend.  


Key features of the Candy Land challenge will be 4foot candy canes, 3-foot lollipops and other oversized sweets to make the game “life size” for the kids.  


Everyone who participates will receive candy whether they finish the board or not. Anyone who clears the board will get a double hand full of candy from the candy chest, presented by the Candy King. The game will be followed by an ice cream social.