Saluda News & Notations 

Published 10:30 pm Thursday, February 28, 2019

A few light flakes of snow 

Fall in the feeble sun; 

Birds sing in the cold, 

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A warbler by the wall. The plum 

Buds tight and chill soon bloom. 

The moon begins first 

Fourth, a faint slice west 

At nightfall. Jupiter half-way 

High at the end of night- 

Meditation. The dove cry 

Twangs like a bow. 


~ Gary Snyder, excerpt from “Kyoto: March” 


Yesterday’s walk-about with River Dog found us scouting for more daffodils: River roots and snuffles the grass like a truffle-hunting piglet, and I peer carefully for pops of tell-tale yellow splotches. This time we discovered tiny wild jonquils, delicate and lovely, barely peeking out of pasture grass. (We never swipe all the blooms, only a few. I won’t tell if you don’t!)  


Later, soaking up some much-needed sunshine on the front porch steps, we sat side-by-side, a virtual Eeyore and Pooh, basking in warmth and light peaceably, inhaling greedily promise of spring, thinking how little-by-little days get a bit longer, different bird songs fill crisp-chill mornings, and green shoots poke from winter earth. It’s good to sit and think– very little thinking–sometimes, Eeyore (me) figures beside Pooh-River lazing, stretched out happily.  


A wisp-white moon hangs up in blue sky laced by tulip poplar branches far above. Snow will come again—but we take advantage of these days that sweeten.  


Saluda Business Association is accepting applications for the 16th annual Saluda Arts Festival on May 18.  Entry deadline is March 15; download application at If you’d like to volunteer, contact or 817-946-1284.  


Saluda Living in Place (SLIP)  hosts a free veterans’ breakfast the first Wednesday of each month, 9 a.m. at Saluda Fire Station. For information call the SLIP office at (828) 490-1040.  


Learn more about Saluda Community Land Trust (SCLT) by visiting or calling 828-749-1560. SCLT’s 12th Annual Meeting is May 1, 6 p.m. at Saluda Center. For  information on joining “Walks in the Woods”, contact Chuck Hearon at (828) 817-0364 or chearon@skyrunner.netthe walks this season start off with a spring wildflower walk at Twin Bridges on March 17; meet 2 p.m. at Saluda Library to carpool.  


Saluda’s Historic Depot will be open Tuesday-Saturday 10:30-5:00,  Sunday 12-4. Train Tales resume on March 15, 7 p.m. Admission is free, donations can be made by mailing to Saluda Historic Depot, P.O. Box 990, Saluda, NC 28773 or 


Good News: The annual Saluda Center Gala fundraiser raised $8000 to help support the Center. You can get medical loan equipment, be a volunteer for Meals on Wheels program; or sign up for meals if you’re over 60 and have a need. Medical loan equipment is available;  

call Donna for more information at 828-749-9245. Thank you to all the volunteers who keep our Saluda Center and Thrifty Barn going!  


Saluda Get-Well goes to Cissy Thompson, Doris Marion, Mary Ann Asbill, and Cindy Keeter 


Saluda Sympathy goes to Joni Rauschenbach and family for the loss of her step-father, Frank 


Happy March Birthday to: Faye Chandler, Genell Jespersen, Charlene Pace, Valerie Mintz, Sheldon Mintz, Curtis Pace, Anita Odgen Moore, Charles Weinhagen, Kevin Kerr, Dorrie McKinley, Catherine Ross, Monica Pace, Ken Justus,  Elizabeth Justus,  Arlene Klippel, Rachel Bradley, Chris Bradley,  Martha Stoney Anderson, Dawn Ward, Peggy Wolf, Dori Ray, Martin Anderson, Lucy Holman, Craig Bass, Laura Bass, Patty Martin, Dana Browning, and Tangie Morgan.  Please add your birthday to the list—no ages mentioned unless you’re under 2 or over 100!  



Feel free to contact me at, (828) 749-1153, or visit