A Local Perspective of Harthorne Wingo 

Published 10:38 pm Monday, February 25, 2019

I remember Coach Bill Barry. One summer he conducted a basketball camp at the “Old Gym”. I showed up eating a hamburger, thus Coach Barry nicknamed me “Hamburger”. Coach Barry was Harthorne’s coach in 1964-1965.  


When Harthorne joined the New York Knicks during the ’72-’73 season they came to Atlanta to play the Atlanta Hawks. He had contacted a caddy named Carrie Lee Massey about bringing some people from Tryon to the game. 

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There was a man by the name of Bill Fox who owned a station wagon. He became the source of transportation. “Cat” as we called her, rounded up the following for the trip to Atlanta: 

 Bill Fox (the driver), 

Gloria Canady (who went to school with Earle the Pearl Monroe), 

Brian Counts, 

Harthorne’s little brother MacDonald, 

and myself. 

It’s something I will never forget.  


When we got to the arena (The Omni) we were escorted to our seats. Though it was six of us, Harthorne had purchased the entire row at mid court. 

After the game he had a man come to escort us to the back of the arena. This is where the magic occurred.. A few moments later the players had appeared, many of who mare in the Hall of Fame today. Harthorne had introduced us to: Willis Reed, Earl the Pearl Monroe, Phil Jackson, Dave DeBusschere, Jerry Lucas, Walt Frazier, Lou Hudson, Walt Bellamy, Bill Bradley, and Coach Red Holzman. 

Then, just as now, Harthorne never forgot where he came from. I was so happy to remind him of this experience. He told me, “I remember that.” 


Thanks Harthorne for a lifetime memory. 

– Submitted by Jamal Hannon – Tryon High 1978