De ja vu all over again

Published 7:06 pm Thursday, February 21, 2019

To all you old timers, forgive me for using a Yogi-ism for this week’s title, but I’ve had a nostalgic week and it seemed apropos.

It all began with the twins who are being showcased at Landrum vet. Cairo and Bali are 5 month old male cats that are black and white brothers, who are nearly identical. This beautiful pair for some reason struck my heart and brought up memories of Donnie and Marie (page 359 of Voice in the hills). I haven’t gotten two cats adopted at once since then. I’ve made them my kids and will handle all expenses and will even offer assistance to anyone who will offer them a forever home.

While at Landrum vet taking some photos of the twins, I was approached by a lady holding a little old Chihuahua, “Are you Mr. Rizzo?” she asked. “Yes ma’am,” I answered. “I thought so,” she said, “you may not remember me but I’m Clarence’s daughter-in-law and this is Peanut.” My heart leapt up to my throat and my eyes began to mist, “Of course I remember you. How old is Peanut now?” “She’s 13 Mr. Rizzo.” I cupped Peanut’s face in my hands and kissed her between her eyes. The story of Clarence and Peanut is twice told in my book, pages 41 and 213. While I was loving up Peanut, I was experiencing an overload of nostalgia. Anyone in my age group understands that sometimes time just flies by in between events. It just doesn’t seem like 6 or 7 years ago that I said my final goodbyes to Clarence.

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Later that day I went to the FHS shelter to check on a Boxer mix found on Hugh Champion Road. At the shelter, after greeting staff and volunteers, I checked the board to locate what cage Mud was in. When I arrived I was face to face with what I believe is a Boxer-Mastiff cross. His nub tail was wagging and he gladly took the treat I offered. Mud seemed fairly healthy, but of course he had a “do not touch” sign posted until he has a rabies check. Once again I had nostalgic overload, Mud look exactly like one of my kids from long past named Cosmo. If Mud is half the dog Cosmo turned out to be, someone is going to have a dog of a lifetime. Kayla Parrish joined me at Mud’s cage and promised to give him whatever training may be needed. I went inside and finalized making Mud one of my kids which my funds will take care of all expenses occurring.

As my readers are aware, I do my best to work with all rescues. The Foothills Humane Society has a large staff but they also receive the bulk of animals and I still like to assist when I can.

Hopefully I can make the twins (Cairo and Bali), along with Mud, who is 1 year old, a success story in the future.

Thanks for listening.