My White Wicker Chair 

Published 10:15 pm Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The white wicker chair in our sunroom offers a commanding view of the out-of-doors. Framed by the windows is a little woodlot in its winter garb. Gray squirrels can be seen scampering among the branches high above the ground. They are quite agile little critters. A woodpecker or nuthatch can sometimes be seen working its way up a branch or tree trunk in search of a meal. In the distance looms the mountain range. High above the mountains the white fleecy clouds float lazily along, and large flocks of migratory birds wing their flight. 


I have my morning devotions, prepare articles for the Bulletin,, Sunday School lessons, and an occasional sermon sitting in the sunroom. There is something special about sitting quietly and reflectively, whether in morning devotions, Bible study, or just looking out the windows at God’s handiwork in nature while seated in my white wicker chair. 

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We all need a quiet time and place where we can sit, quietly and still, and there reflect and be renewed as we commune with God. 


“There is a place of quiet rest…of comfort sweet….A place where we our Savior meet….”  For me, this “place” is my white wicker chair. May I ask, where is your special “place”? 



Darryl Maxwell, Retired Baptist Pastor