Published 11:01 am Thursday, February 7, 2019

“The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life” Job 33:4


“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them” Genesis 1:27

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Imagine you’re a young woman, and you have recently found out that you are pregnant. Your pregnancy was totally unplanned, but nonetheless this is your circumstance. You’re scared, embarrassed, and apprehensive to tell anyone of what’s happened to you. You don’t know where to turn. What do you do?


If you are reading this article today and can relate, I want you to know that it’s not a coincidence. Right now, there are thousands upon thousands of ladies facing similar circumstances. I hope that what is shared today in this article will give you peace, clarity, and hope in knowing that you are not alone.


We all face choices every single day. Some choices are easy – like whether or not we’re going to eat breakfast or if we’re going to wear a coat when we go outside. Some choices require a little more thought – such as whether or not to take a new career opportunity or whether or not to invest in a new car or home. Other choices are very difficult. Some are even life changing choices! Like whether or not you should get married or whether or not you should move to a new state or country. Then there’s the choice of whether or not you should go through your unplanned pregnancy. I agree, it’s a hot-topic issue in our culture, and it should be discussed in society – especially in the church. How would you counsel the young lady who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? What if she turned to you for help and advice? She needs to know she has a choice to make, and you can help. What do you do? What are her choices?


First, and most unfortunately, she could choose to abort her baby. I think all too often many women believe that abortion is their only choice. There may be a great amount of pressure from a boyfriend or husband who does not want her to have a baby. Maybe her parents are pushing her to choose abortion because she doesn’t need the responsibility of having a baby right now in her life. Maybe she has huge dreams and goals in her life, and having a baby right now would keep her from accomplishing those dreams and goals. Abortion is the world’s way to remove the unwanted and unplanned baby from their life and responsibility; however, it does not remove the pain, guilt, side effects, and consequences of having it done. It is not a secret that abortion is the leading choice in America today. Since 1973, the United States is responsible for killing over 61 million unborn children inside the womb. Just a couple of weeks ago, the state of New York passed a law to expand the choice of abortion into the third trimester – giving a woman the further “right” to make her own decision about how she takes care of her own personal health without any regard to the life inside of her womb. We live in a nation that justifies, applauds, celebrates, permits, and legalizes people to kill their unborn children out of a sense of convenience for the mother to be. It is utterly devastating that we live in a culture that openly supports the choice of death over the cherishing of life. It does not come as a surprise. We live in a broken, corrupt, and fallen world (see Romans 3:9-18), however, the woman who is struggling with this choice needs to know that abortion is not her only choice. She doesn’t have to go through with this! She does not have to heed to the world’s advice of killing her baby! There is hope!


Instead, she could choose to turn to Jesus Christ. He will help her in her time of need and decision! Life is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ (see John 3:16). In a relationship with Jesus Christ, you are made new (see 2 Corinthians 5:17). When you place your faith in Jesus Christ, your circumstances may not change, but how you face them will change! Your relationship with Christ will encourage you to cherish human life. You will begin to learn that God is the giver and sustainer of all life. God is in permanent, supreme, and authoritative control of every life in history. Every human being is created in His image, by His design, and is a masterpiece. The very breath you breathe and the movement you have, God gave you (see Genesis 1:27, Job 33:4). In a relationship with Christ, she will want to protect human life – not take it. She would understand that God is strongly opposed to murder of any kind (see Exodus 20:13; Romans 13:9; 1 John 3:11-12; Proverbs 6:16-17). She would see that what is in her womb is actually someone. The baby is a human being – not merely an inconvenience or consequence to a poor choice or unfortunate circumstances. God has plans for this human being, and He is literally putting him or her together in her womb (see Psalm 139:13-16).


If the mother-to-be would turn to Jesus Christ, He would help her to see that abortion is not her only choice. She does not have to turn to the ways of the world. She would see that there are many more options with how she can care for her baby throughout her pregnancy and beyond her delivery. That’s where we come in as believers in Jesus Christ. What should we do? How we respond to those who are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy will ultimately impact how she responds. If we are angry with her for considering abortion, what good will that do? She doesn’t need to see our anger – she needs to see our love! She needs to know that we care about her. She needs to know that we, the Church, will pray for her, support her, and will walk with her through this circumstance. Be an advocate for her unborn child. Provide for her other options with how to handle her pregnancy instead of killing her baby. Show her that she can have her baby! Show her that if she is unsure of whether or not she can parent her child, that there are many willing people nearby who would love the opportunity to love on her and her baby through foster care and/or adoption. I have the joy and privilege of being a foster parent in Polk County, NC. Every month I meet with many other foster parents who are being trained and equipped to assist families who are currently unable to parent their children with hopes that one day they will be able to. One of the most selfless things a parent who is unable to care for their young can do is ask for help.


It’s beyond time for the church to be a source of help and encouragement to the mothers and fathers who are struggling with their children in whatever stage of life they find themselves. Prayerfully consider volunteering with a pregnancy resource center. There is one in Forest City, NC (Hands of Hope for Life – https://www.hh4life.org)! Prayerfully consider becoming a licensed foster parent. Prayerfully consider supporting our local Department of Social Services by providing funding and resources to those who are serving as foster parents. Prayerfully consider adopting a child. The Bible tells us that one of the purest forms of religion is to “visit orphans and widows in their trouble” (see James 1:27). The church needs to be a voice for the unborn. Vote for the right of human life. Vote for men and women who are running for public office who will uphold and protect human life. Protecting human life is not merely a political issue – it is a biblical issue!


If you are reading this today, and you are unsure about where to turn or what to do with your unborn baby, I pray that you see you have a choice to make. Abortion is NOT your only choice. Please know that you can have peace, direction, and hope in a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you have never put your faith in Him, you can be saved today by believing on Him as Savior and Lord (see John 3:16; Acts 16:31). Jesus Christ has promised to faithfully be with you through everything you face in life. I plead with you to not kill your baby. Please know that I serve with a wonderful church family at Midway Baptist Church right here in Columbus, NC who will care for you and assist you by pointing you in a direction that will walk with you to save the life of your unborn child, and get you the help you need moving forward. Do not hesitate to reach out today (828-894-5633). And if you are reading this article and you are a believer in Jesus Christ and a part of His Church, you have a choice to make as well. Choose to make a difference. Be a source of encouragement to the mother who is struggling with whether or not to have her baby. Walk beside her in love. Choose to take on the opportunity to love, respect, nurture, and empathize with her instead of being an obstacle of hatred and judgment. We all have a choice to make. I pray that we will choose to cherish life as God does. God bless you, and I pray that somehow this article will make a difference in someone’s life.


Submitted by Rev. Peter McDonald

Senior Pastor of Midway Baptist Church (Columbus, NC)