Special Cases: Trying to contain my anger

Published 3:51 pm Thursday, January 31, 2019

Though certain circumstances make me seethe with anger, I try my best to keep my emotions under control because it doesn’t do my kids any good.  The tales I relate have two major purposes: first is to unashamedly raise money for my cause and second is to hopefully educate. I truly believe that 90% of the cases I handle stem from ignorance and not outward cruelty. Still the other 10% that act uncaring, unfeeling or just out and out stupid raise my ire.

Verna Wilkins from Forever Dream was holding Norman in her arms and asking if I could help. I learned that this little Chihuahua had been left alone in a trailer for days after its owner had passed.  He was cold, lonely and afraid without food or water. He was picked up by a relative, dumped in the back of a pickup and brought to Verna.

When I saw him frail and afraid, shivering in Verna’s arms, I nearly lost it, both from pity and anger.  “Make sure he gets whatever he needs to give him a chance, Verna,” I blurted out tearfully, “Tell them to bill my fund.”  I have the bill for all that was tried for little Norman, but he was just too old and too frail and I believe he’d lost his will to live.

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We had him cremated and a little paw print was taken.  He will be buried in Verna’s memorial garden so he could at least have some dignity in death that was not afforded in life.

I was asked if I could help little Willie, a Chihuahua mix that was attacked by a Pit Bull.  It seems the Pit went on little Willie’s property and attacked him.  Willie’s owner shot the Pit with a BB gun and it ran off.

Police have been involved in the whole incident so I will leave any further thoughts about fault.

I helped and thank the Lord, Willie will be fine.  His owners expressed their deep gratitude.

I have written much about Pit Bulls and know countless responsible owners. Stories like I’ve just related anger them the most because their beautiful dogs continue to get a bad reputation.

As I stated earlier, part of my goal is to try to educate but I believe there’s something to the old saying, “You can’t teach stupid.”

Dear readers, though I try, it’s hard for me to control my emotions at time. Please bear with me and as always,

Thanks for listening.