I’m Just Saying: Here’s to good friends

Published 8:00 am Friday, January 18, 2019

We can disagree about the president.

We can disagree about the Congress

We can disagree about erecting a wall between two non-warring countries.

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But I’m guessing most of us agree it’s not pleasant to find yourself furloughed, unemployed, with no idea of when you might be called back to work and paid again. No one wants to live like that, especially when whole families are dependent upon the breadwinner.

Having said that, all kinds of people and organizations have been inspired to help. The Coast Guard, funded by Homeland Security, received a five-page tip sheet from its supportive government arm, titled  “Surviving a Furlough.”

Among other things, it suggests “bankruptcy is the last option” (whew!), and one can make ends meet by “baby-sitting,” “dog-walking” and “being a mystery shopper.”

A bit more helpful is Canadian Air Traffic Controllers sending their American counterparts pizza. 

That may sound like a rather small token gesture, but you know, a token gesture can go a long way, especially when one is hungry. And should our servicemen and women get really hungry, they, along with Secret Service members, Food Safety Inspectors and all the others, can investigate several food pantries popping up around the country to make groceries available.

On top of this, over 1,500 gofundme accounts have been posted online to assist.

You don’t need to hear me blather on that over 800,000 people are out of work and how that impacts their kids, pets and local businesses that depend on them. I just really wanted to do something to help, but I can’t afford to contribute to all those gofundmes.

So, I started thinking (always dangerous) and reading.

I was thinking about all the little things one is used to doing and buying when money isn’t a pressing issue: filling up the car, stopping at Ingles to grab a Marie Callender’s pot pie for comfort food indulgence after a tiring day.

But when you’re unemployed, it’s $5 of gas, coupons for two-for-one things you really don’t want to eat and choosing dollar store toilet paper over Charmin. Worst of all, and I mean worst of all, is you can’t even afford to go out and have a beer and share your woe with friends, much less buy a six pack to drink in the misery of your own home. 

Until now.

PayItFurloughed.com allows people like you and me to buy those affected by the shut down a beer! That’s right: For just $7.50, we can donate one beer, or two for $15.

And you know, the Super Bowl is just around the corner. Can you even imagine having nothing more than a glass of water and a baloney sandwich in front of you during those festivities? Especially as the  Super Bowl gave Maroon 5 the halftime gig.

If there was ever a time for some helpful hops to get through that caterwauling (just like animals, animals, animal-mals), it’s now.

So, consider a six pack for $45. Bonus: the website helps promote smaller micro-breweries/businesses.

This is what I love best about America. When the going gets rough, the rough gets slapped upside the head and falls back so that those who care can step up and make a change.

Yes, we can agree to disagree about all kinds of things in our country. But, at the end of the day, I believe most of us agree that beer is good. Beer is very, very good. 

And being able to send a beer is great. 

Now, if I can just find a website that sends nachos…