Special Cases: Working as a team to save lives

Published 8:00 am Friday, January 11, 2019

Lori Jewell, from Pet Tender Angels, was called by a social worker about a trailer that was abandoned with dogs inside. 

Lori was the recipient of the second annual Lennie award, which she deserved more than I deserved the first.

The trailer was a disaster, full of feces and all sorts of parasites. Three female dogs inside and a male under the trailer were found. One female had seven pups, one had a single pup and the third was very pregnant.

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Lori was overwhelmed, for her rescue was full and overflowing, but she would never leave a dog behind in such a situation. She reached out for help and Elaine (my wife) started calling our rescue groups for assistance. 

Lee Shore rescue, which recently joined our team, took the mom with seven pups and traded off a feral female, who was having trouble adjusting to her shelter.

Enter Sue Wallahora, a fabulous foster and president of the Foothills Humane Society board.

Sue and Richard became good friends and supporters when they adopted Gizmo many years ago.  Unfortunately, Sue’s whelping areas were full, but she agreed to take any pups after they were weaned.

I recently came back from visiting Pet Tender Angels and held the three pups in my hands.

Lori spent 20 minutes breathing life into one of the pups, which is possibly blind and had a cleft pallet. For now, he is thriving, and we’ll see what can be done to give him a life of quality. 

The feral dog she took from Lee Shore rescue is already coming around. The change of venue seemed to do wonders for her. 

I left $500 to help with their care. Lori thanked me profusely.

“Lennie,” Lori said. “Just knowing that I could reach out and there were people out there willing to help eased the tension.” 

I’ll be sending some photos so you may understand what we rescuers face.

Know this, dear readers, Lori has the ability to reach out to me only because all of you respond so beautifully when I reach out to you.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for being there and thanks for listening.