The gift of giving

Published 8:00 am Saturday, December 15, 2018

Landrum resident donates two lots for Brookwood Park

LANDRUM — Landrum’s Brookwood Park will be able to grow, thanks to a gift of two lots recently donated by resident Anne Regan.

The Landrum City Council met Tuesday and presented Reagan with a plaque and roses for her gift.

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The two parcels, located adjacent to Brookwood Park, will add almost an acre to the city’s park.

Landrum Mayor Bob Briggs said there were a couple of recently sold lots that adjoin Brookwood that the city had been trying to acquire for a couple of years.

“[Regan] solved the mystery,” Briggs said. “Anne wanted to donate something to the city. She purchased one lot and then another. We just want to say thanks for your contribution.”

In 2017, the Millsteen house, located on South Bomar Avenue, was put up for sale, but did not include the two lots across the street, Regan said. Regan said local realtor Jason Ashmore put up one of the lots for sale and, in March 2018, she inquired about the lot for sale because it was obvious to her the lot should be part of Brookwood Park.

“I convinced Jason that I wanted to gift the money to the city of Landrum to purchase the one lot, for all the love and acceptance they had given me,” Regan said.

The lot had 10 beneficiaries, who lived both in England and the United States. The second lot had no records on file with Spartanburg County, she said.

“It is decided that it is prudent to purchase the lots together,” Regan said.

Regan made another offer, which was accepted.

Regan said it took months to find the deceased owners’ name, but, with the help of a Spartanburg attorney, all the paperwork was finally done after 10 months.

“It’s now official that the city of Landrum is the owners of additional land for beautiful Brookwood Park,” Regan said. “The last of land available for Brookwood Park.”

In appreciation for her donation, the city plans to place a specially designed bench to honor Regan’s generosity, which will be called “the happiness bench.”