Special Cases: Reviewing the past

Published 8:00 am Friday, December 14, 2018

Each year at this time, I take a bit of a hiatus telling my stories. 

I have been raising money (thank you to those who’ve already responded) and working with local rescues.

This is how some end of the year money has been spent thus far: $1,000 brought to the sheriff’s office for Charlie, the dog in training for an autistic boy; $1,000 to Pet Tender Angels for the funding drive; $1,000 to Forever Dream to assist in older animal rescue; $500 was put into my FHS account for the sick and injured; and my account at Paws, Prayers and Promises, which exists because of people who donate goods with proceeds slotted for Lennie’s Fund, thus far besides helping with many animals (mostly cats) bought thermal underwear and socks for homeless soldiers. 

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I am working with Landrum vet to purchase the remainder of their earthborn dog and cat food at cost and deliver it where needed at the rescues.

The rest of my intentions this year will be “Back to my roots,” a Christmas poem. And I am working on a follow up on the Colaberator, “Cola, the rest of the story,” which will be the end of the year.

Meanwhile, enjoy “Yes, there is a Santa Claus.”

A long time ago, a beautiful response was written to a young girl named Virginia when she asked “Is there really a Santa Claus?”

I wish to thank all my readers for the wonderful, positive response I’ve received for my tale, “The Colaberator.” 

Many thought that he was real and wished to know about his welfare. Others thought there was a specific dog and family that inspired the tale.

Well I’m here to express that you were correct in your assumptions. Yes, dear readers, there is a Cola.

When you hear of a family breaking up and no one will take the dog, he is Cola. When a family decides to move and the dog is left behind, he is Cola.  When a family member passes away and their dog is not wanted, he is Cola. 

All the abandoned, the strays, the sick who cannot or will not be cared for because of financial reasons, all are Cola.

At Christmas time, when you witness a bell ringer wearing a Santa suit, he is not Santa, but he represents the meaning of Christmas and the gift of giving, just as Santa does.

When you visit a shelter or a rescue and look upon the confused and hopeful faces of these magnificent animals, in them beats the heart of Cola.

Cola was not made up, he most certainly exists, I know because I see him each and every day.

My fervent prayer is that I can make enough people believe in him so that there will be fewer of him and more of us.

Thanks for listening.