Special Cases: Trying to stay ahead of the game

Published 8:00 am Friday, November 30, 2018

As I spoke of last week, each year, I make an end of the year push to build up my fund for my kids.

As usual, I feel like the little boy tossing starfish back into the ocean or the Dutch boy with his finger in the dike.

Bless all of those who’ve begun to answer my call. At this point, I am falling behind, but it seems this way each year, I just pray and the good Lord always sends me enough Angels to keep me afloat.


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Scrappy-Do, the lab mix with Parvo, is now home, and Dr. Buchanan told me he is thriving.

I had spoken to Dr. Buchanan because he had just helped me with Pugsley, a 5-year-old female Boxer mix.  I took Pugsley on for a friend, Wendy at Bonnie Brae, who has always been helpful for me and my kids through the years. 

Pugsley had a puncture wound in her right front leg, above the elbow. She was limping a bit and was off her food. 

She’s been checked out, cared for and sent home. 


When I went in to pay for Scrappy-Do’s bill, I learned that, as of now, Pugsley is doing fine.  I set up final payment after she comes in for a checkup next week. 

I’ve only seen her from behind the cage; maybe next week I can get a hug.  Sorry, Wendy, your hug was fine, but Pugsley is cuter.

Dozer is a 7-month-old blue-gray mastiff who has a swollen eye due to an eyelid turning back in on him.  He’s a sweet young giant and, though he’s in discomfort, he doesn’t show it.

Amelia, his owner, called me because we had collaborated in the past. 

“He’s such a sweet boy, Mr. Rizzo, and I just can’t afford the operation that will correct his problem.” 

He is set to go to Landrum vet in the morning while I am at dialysis.

Hopefully, I can catch him afterward.  I work cheap — all I want is hugs and kisses, and I won’t have my kids being delinquent on their payments. 

Seriously, I’ll keep you informed on the big fella’s outcome.

I want to wish Godspeed to all those who help me to help them. My Angels are the answer to my prayers. Bless you all!

Thanks for listening.