Special Cases: Much to be thankful for this season

Published 8:00 am Thursday, November 22, 2018

As I pen this week’s tale, it is a few days before Thanksgiving. 

I personally have so much to be thankful for, especially all the prayers on my behalf.  Those who have kept up with me through the years know I have survived severe kidney failure, and I’m on dialysis three times a week.

I’ve lost my toes due to lack of oxygen to my extremities. 

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I’m a lung and bladder cancer survivor and have had four-way heart bypass surgery last year. 

Once again, thanks for your prayers.

This week we were in fear of losing Scrappy-Do, a little lab mix with the deadly parvovirus. On my last trip to Bonnie Brae, Dr. Buchanan told me that he’s begun eating and has perked up.

He was in pretty bad shape. Besides the parvo, he was loaded with parasites, fleas and worms.

Scrappy-Do was in isolation, but Dr. Buchanan took me back to greet him through the glass. Scrappy stood up and wagged his tail a bit. 

“That’s a good sign,” the doc told me. “I’ll do my best to keep the fees as low as possible for your kids.” 

“Bless you doc,” I replied. “You do great work.” 

“So do you,” he replied.

Last week, my long-haired Chihuahua Pablo was walking around with his back humped and in obvious pain. The normally active and happy little boy was just trying to be left alone.

Charma, my 80 pound Boxer, sensed her little brother was in trouble and was moaning on his behalf as she laid near him for comfort. Charma is doing well on her seizure meds, but the darn stuff is expensive.

The next morning, while I was on dialysis, Elaine took Pablo to Landrum vet for X-rays.  Dr. Mills showed Elaine that Pablo had a slipped disc and told her his little poodle had the same thing as it happens often in small dogs.

Pain meds and keeping him from being overly active was prescribed. Today, my little 8- year-old Pablo, ball of energy, is back to his happy and lively self.  Thanks, Dr. Mills.

Two months ago, I asked for those who support me to give an early end of the year donation, and a few of my angels came through which brought me to this point. Each year, I ask those who are planning to give to charities for tax purposes or just from the heart.

There are so many worthy causes that are crying out for help that need your assistance. All I ask is if you have a little left over, please think of my kids who cannot cry out for themselves. 

Help me to give them a voice, and perhaps the next Scrappy-Do will once again wag his tail because of you.

Thanks for listening.

Lennie Rizzo or Lennies’ kids

245 Ioka Hills Road

Columbus, NC 28722