Polk, Fit, Fresh and Friendly: PF3 introduces the Polk Fit Challenge Saga

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, November 21, 2018

PF3 is excited to announce that the Polk Fit Challenge will continue in the upcoming months with the Polk Fit Challenge Saga. 

A new and exciting challenge will begin every four to six weeks, giving participants the opportunity to start with a clean slate.

The Challenge Saga will offer three different levels based on the participants current physical activity level. 

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“Let’s Get Physical” will be for those who are currently not engaged in any physical activity regimen.  “I Like to Move it” will be available for those who are currently physically active three to four days of the week (walking, dancing, running, fitness classes, biking and swimming). “PF3 Ninja Warrior” is geared for those who are currently physically active five to seven days of the week (CrossFit, half and full marathons, and triathlons; in addition to activities listed in the previous category). 

PF3 has gained much attention over the last two years by offering the Polk Fit Challenge. Over 370 participants joined the challenge this past October, with some exciting changes that included different divisions, including a new youth division. 

Many who were involved with the challenge(s) expressed interest in continuing and expanding the challenge beyond the month of October. By offering the Challenge Saga, PF3 encourages the community to stay physically active year-round.

Thanks to a generous sponsorship from the Polk County Community Foundation, the Lois Miner Barrick Fund at the Foundation and Polk County Community Foundation Board Initiative funds for making this possible.

Our first “event” in the Challenge Saga will be the PF3 Holiday Hustle. The Hustle began on Nov. 18 and will continue through the end of December. Participants can join the Hustle at any time by registering through the Challenge Runner program, which is utilized to keep track of all participant activity. 

The program tracks the participant’s total active minutes for each day of the week. One and all are invited to join the challenge as a team of up to six people, or as an individual competitor. 

The PF3 Holiday Hustle Challenge will run for six weeks.  At the conclusion of six weeks, the teams who record the most total minutes will be recognized in the newspaper and on social media. 

Every participant who records a minimum of 150 minutes per week will be included in a drawing to receive a prize. In addition, the participant will receive a participation award and recognition on the PF3 website and Facebook page.

Please visit polkfit.com to register for the Challenge Saga or for more information.

Stay tuned for pop-up surprise drawings throughout the Holiday Hustle, and beyond!

The October Polk Fit Challenge was celebrated with a wrap-up event, held on Nov. 1 to congratulate and recognize those that went above and beyond during the challenge. 

Below is a list of awards that were given.

Top team minutes were awarded to teams with the highest average team minutes.  Those were as follows for the adult and family divisions:

The Mighty Inklings (Tryon Seventh Day Adventist Church) — Lorna Dever, Ronnie Hartwell, Wanangwa Hartwell, Carol Nobles, Gary Nobles and Martha Nobles

Fast Cats — Lucinda Allen, Carrie Baris, Susan Bowman, Cindi Rhodes, Jamie Thompson and Jenny Wolfe

St. Luke’s Hospital Board of Trustees on the Move I — Clark Benson, Laura Ellington, Jim Holleman, Tina Melton and Linda Schutter

Family Affair — Jace and Jylyn Barnes, Juanita Bruce, Chris Green, Leah McKee and Shelba Wilsom

Wood Warriors — Rachael Haynes-Wood and Charlie and Jasper Wood

Ballard Family — Anastasia, Ariel, Bridget, Sonya and Travis Ballard

 A school participation and engagement award was given to Polk County High School. 

Special Youth Medals were given to those who exercised for a minimum of 10 days, 30 minutes or more.  Those who earned these medals were: Ariel Ballard, Jace Barnes, Jylyn Barnes, McKenna Capps, Delaney Hoyle, Rylan Lindsey, Paisley Nicholson, James Odel, Joshua Odel, Mark Teague, Philip Teague, Jasper Wood and Ava Yurchak.

The Most Original Team Name awards were given to the following teams in the adult and family divisions: Ubiquitous Crazy Congregationalists, Buff Bookworms, Dangerous Curves, Frizzy Fro and Baldilocks, The Young and the Breathless and the Courageous Ray-Cats.

The organization with most participation award was given to the organization with the most teams, as well as participants on each team, and was awarded to Holy Cross Episcopal Church.

Last, consistency awards were given to participants who logged activity every single day of the Polk Fit Challenge.  Among those awarded were:  Kathryn Alyea, Susan Bowman, Colton Bradley, Teresa Breckman, Warren Carson, Eleanor Cox, Lorna Dever, Laura Ellington, Bridget Franklin, Michael Franklin, Ronnie Hartwell, Wanangwa Hartwell, Jim Holleman, Jim Livesey, Tina Melton, Tommy Melton, Paisley Nicholson, Carol Nobles, Gary Nobles, Martha Nobles, Dara Ramstein, Jason Ramstein, Linda Schutter, Jean Shumway, Andrea Walter, Jenny Wolfe, Pam Hilsman and Clark Benson.

PF3 is a group of more than 120 community members, leaders and health professionals working together to plan and implement effective strategies to promote wellness in our community. PF3 welcomes any individual who is interested in joining us to make our community a healthier place for all. For more information and a complete list of meeting dates, please visit our website at polkfitfreshandfriendly.org.

Buffy Ashmore and Michele Trofatter