Columbus gives owner of dilapidated home more time

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Homeowner given until Dec. 12 to make progress on Beechwood house

COLUMBUS — The town of Columbus is giving a homeowner more time to fix issues at a dilapidated house before enforcing its minimum housing ordinance. 

The Columbus Town Council met Thursday and heard from Town Manager Tim Barth about a recent meeting. 

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The house is located at 75 Beechwood W. Drive in the Beechwood subdivision. 

Barth said he had a meeting with the homeowner, who lives in Greensboro. He said she received Barth’s letter and was concerned enough to make the trip to meet with him. 

“She wanted to clean up the property on the inside,” Barth said. “It looked like a tornado went through there. She wants to have some minor repairs done and sell it. She wants to have it functioning as a house again.” 

Columbus has heard complaints about the house from Beechwood residents in the past. The town was prepared to approve a resolution stating that the house is unfit for human habitation and directing the housing administrator to enforce the town’s minimum housing ordinance, which is a step toward the town demolishing the structure. 

Barth told the council he told the homeowner he wants to work with her if she is serious about cleaning up the property. 

The homeowner will have until Dec. 12 to make progress. 

“I’m going to meet her at town hall and discuss the progress she’s made,” Barth said. “Then go to the house and I’ll determine if she’s made enough progress. If she hasn’t made enough progress I’ll ask council on Dec. 20 for the ordinance.” 

Barth also said obviously, no one wants to take her house from her, but she has got to get it to a point where it is not a nuisance to the neighborhood. 

Columbus Mayor Eric McIntyre asked that the homeowner give the town a list of contractors she has hired to do some of the work. 

Barth said he is hopeful the homeowner will take care of it, but if she does not, the town will take care of it.