Just like a scene out of ‘Babes in Arms’

Published 8:28 pm Thursday, November 8, 2018

On the strength of last year’s sell out comedy concert we did to benefit Mobile Meals, promoter (who I can also rope into being emcee) Mike Elis and I thought we’d try to make it an annual event to continue to raise much needed funds for our favorite charity. 

Suddenly, we sounded like a scene out of “Babes in Arms.”

“We’ve gotta have a great show, with a million laughs… and color… and a lot of lights to make it sparkle! And songs wonderful songs! And after we get the people in that hall, we’ve gotta start em in laughing right away! Oh, can’t you just see it… ?”

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We’re gonna put on a SHOW!!

Mike called the Tryon Fine Arts Center once again and booked the room for Saturday, Nov. 17.

“What about Walhalla?” I enthused.

“What about Walhalla?” He echoed.

“Nice town,” I replied. “Big Performance Arts Center. Why not do a show there, too?”

Mike did his magic and soon resurfaced.

“It’s available!” he cried. “Booked it for Nov. 16! And then there’s The Artisan in Flat Rock  — wanna do that, too?”

Actually, he just said “my club,” instead of “The Artisan,” but how can I plug it without you not knowing its name?

“Holy Moly, yes!” I said.

Next, we ran through the names of top comics I knew who might consider flying in to be a special guest. 

One of my favorites has always been Bob Nelson, who comedy aficionados would recognize from countless appearances on The Tonight Show and HBO, especially recognizable performing his football player routine. Mike and I were also big fans of Michael Winslow, from “Police Academy” fame, who was renowned for his ability to do something like a thousand sound-effects.

“Does he talk much, offstage?” Mike asked. “I mean, like, when we’re hanging out in the green room?”

“Not much,” I said. “But he can sound just like a creaky door opening.”

“I’ll try and book him,” Mike agreed.

And Michael agreed! What a series of shows these would be! What a gift for Mobile Meals, especially right before Thanksgiving!

And then Michael had to cancel.

“Whaddaya mean Michael has to cancel?” I gasped over the phone.

“They’re decided to shoot another ‘Police Academy’ movie and they want him in it,” Mike explained. “I guess that was more attractive to him than Walhalla. Go figure.”

“I don’t know what’s worse,” I groaned, “No Michael or another ‘Police Academy.’”

“I can see if Bob is available?” Mike suggested as a healing balm.

“Bob’s great,” I agreed, “And no way is Hollywood going to shoot a movie about his football player character. Let’s go with Bob.”

And we got Bob! Actually, YOU got Bob! And I’ll be there too.

We all desperately need a night out, laughing ourselves silly. And knowing that we’re helping feed those in need as we count our own blessings this holiday season is the proverbial icing on the cake. Hope to see your smiling faces.

We’re gonna put on a SHOW(s)!!!