Staying fit, fresh and friendly

Published 8:00 am Saturday, November 3, 2018

Polk County Fit, Fresh and Friendly capped off another successful Polk Fit Challenge Thursday evening, recognizing the teams and individuals who excelled during the organization’s monthlong fitness challenge. (Photos by Ted Yoakum/Tryon Daily Bulletin)

The winner of the second-place award in the family division was the Wood Warriors, whose members were Rachael Haynes-Wood and Charlie and Jasper Wood.

Earning certificates for the Consistency Awards were Kathryn Alyea, Susan Bowman, Colton Bradley, Teresa Breckman, Warren Carson, Eleanor Cox, Lorna Dever, Laura Ellington, Bridget Franklin, Michael Franklin, Ronnie Hartwell, Wanangwa Hartwell, Jim Holleman, Jim Livesey, Tina Melton, Tommy Melton, Paisley Nicholson, Carol Nobles, Gary Nobles, Martha Nobles, Dara Ramstein, Jason Ramstein, Linda Schutter, Jean Shumway, Andrea Walter and Jenny Wolfe.

Earning first-place in the most original team name category was the Ubiquitous Crazy Congregationalists.

The winner of the first-place award in the family division was Family Affair, whose members were Jace and Jylyn Barnes, Juanita Bruce, Chris Green, Leah McKee and Shelba Wilsom.

A group of 10 children received special youth medals, for exercising for more than 30 minutes at least 10 days or more. Winners were Ariel Ballard, Jace Barnes, Jylyn Barnes, McKenna Capps, Delaney Hoyle, Ryland Lindsey, Paisley Nicholson, James Odel, Joshua Odel, Mark Teague, Philip Teague, Jasper Wood and Ava Yurchak.

Earning the certificate for the organization with the most participants was Holy Cross Episcopal Church.

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