Special Cases: Counting all of my heroes

Published 8:00 am Friday, November 2, 2018

Due to some computer problems, I don’t have images for this week’s column.

I’ll try to get caught up as soon as things get straightened out, but meanwhile, use your vivid imagination.

First, I’d like to catch up on last week’s tale.

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Flea, the 14-year-old Jack Russell, was operated on and all went well. He’s home and doing just fine.

Everett, the 17-year-old found staggering along the road, is now at Forever Dream Sanctuary being loved and cared for, just as it should be. A large check from Lennie’s Fund was left for his care.

Four young kittens were left outside a business in Landrum, one with bulging eyes. They were brought to Landrum vet, and I was contacted by Dr. Donna Raines. It seems the shelter and Po’kitties are packed at the moment.

First, I put the kittens care on Lennie’s kids fund, and we are trying to save the bulging eyes, two boys and two girls.

I then called Dana Meyer, who is the founder of Po’ kitties and who fosters and finds homes through Paws, Prayers and Promises in Landrum. Dana is a board member of Lenny’s Fund Inc., my 501(c)(3) and one of my rescue heroes.

“I’ve gotten the word on the kittens, Lennie,” Dana said, “I’ll have room for them next week.”  

“Thanks, Dana. I’ll see that they get what they need until then.”

Jeanette Larson, another board member of Lennie’s kids, would rescue every stray animal in Polk County if she could. I love Jeanette like a family member. My nickname for her is “Sis,” and when I say it, I mean it.

Jeanette mostly rescues infirmed animals. I call her and her husband, Bert, two of my heroes.

When Squiggles, her old Turkish van cat, died of cancer, Jeanette was devastated. She reminds me of me sometimes. She thinks love and care is enough to save them all.

Jeanette went down to the Foothills Humane Society shelter and said, “I want to adopt the cat that has been here the longest.”

Jeanette took home shy Millie, who is an owner turn-in as a 4-month-old in July 2016. Millie is now part of the Larson menagerie and will blend in as I’ve seen countless times before. When I got word of what Jeanette did from the shelter, I literally wept.

So here’s to you, Dana and Jeanette, two of my favorite heroes. I love you both. I wish to God there were more like you.

Thanks for listening.