Special Cases: It’s the same old story, time after time

Published 8:00 am Friday, October 26, 2018

I received a call from someone I had helped before, with their little Jack Russell named Cleo.  

“Lennie, I have a good friend who needs your help. I’m wondering if you can.”

“What’s the problem?” I asked.  

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“Her Jack Russell, named Flea, is a pretty old boy, and he’s developed a lump of some sort and she can’t afford what he needs.”  

“What vet does she use?” I asked.

“God’s Creatures,” came the reply.


“OK, I will check with Jenny and if I can, I’ll help, but I’m not promising until I look into it.”

The next day, I visited God’s Creatures and spoke with my friend, Dr. Jennifer. You have to love this lady she and her staff pray over each animal.

Jenny assured me that the person involved was a responsible owner, and that Flea and her other dogs were well taken care of. I learned Flea was 14 years old, and needed some dental work along with the tumor.

The fee was a bit over $700, but God’s Creatures gave Lennie’s kids a discount and $550 was paid for Flea, who is scheduled on Oct. 22.

I love helping the old-timers when I can — it breaks my heart to see them pass on unloved.

A little dog was struggling along the road when another friend of mine, Dr. Joe Picone, picked him up. The dog was very dirty and seemed to be in all-around bad shape. Joe cleaned him up and brought him to Foothills Humane Society.

In between, he contacted me and took the time to put him on the internet.

I went over to the shelter and spoke with Christine, the shelter manager, who I also counted as a friend.

“We named him Everett, Lennie. He is some sort of terrier mix or Bijon.”

I went back to see him with Chris and she explained, “He’s just old, Lennie. He’s having trouble hearing and seeing, but he’s sweet.”  

Everett began barking for attention when he knew we were near and I fought hard to hold back tears.  

“You make him one of Uncle Lennie’s Kids and, after the 72-hour waiting period, contact Verna from Forever Dream and I’ll pay for whatever his needs are.”  

“Calm down,” Chris said, hugging me. “We will give him whatever he needs.”

I have subsequently learned that Everett is 17 years old, and his owner has recently passed away and nobody wants him. Some people did do their best to help, but he is now mine and soon, my dear friend’s Verna’s, and I promise you, he will not die unloved on the side of some road.

Thanks for listening.