A few frightening films to watch this month

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, October 3, 2018

It’s my favorite time of year…I always designate October as horror movie marathon month.

To do something a little different this time around, my goal is to watch all 11 “Halloween” movies (including the newest one, coming out in theaters Oct. 19) before November rolls around. Check them out if you haven’t already, or one of these other scary movies, available on DVD at Polk County Public Libraries.

These have all been released in the last year, and are ones that I personally enjoyed!

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“A Quiet Place”

John Krasinski’s directorial debut was one of the more unique films I’ve seen recently. The post-apocalyptic horror movie has almost no dialogue, but still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch a family who must live in silence while hiding from extraterrestrial creatures that hunt by sound.


After Annie’s mother passes away, her grieving family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences. This was another unusual movie and not at all what I expected. I actually did not like the ending, but I’ll let you decide that for yourself.


This is more of a psychological thriller than a horror movie. Sawyer is a troubled woman who can’t get over a past experience of being stalked. She makes an appointment with a counselor in an attempt to move on with her life, but unknowingly signs a release voluntarily committing herself into the psychiatric facility, where she starts to see her stalker. Is he really there or is she just insane?

“The Strangers: Prey At Night”

“The Strangers” is one of my all-time favorite scary movies, so I was excited when a sequel came out this year. Though not as good as the original, it was still entertaining. A family travels to their relatives’ trailer park on vacation and finds themselves terrorized by three masked strangers over the course of one long, harrowing night.

“Happy Death Day”

Deadline Hollywood described this film as “a combination of ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Scream,’” which makes perfect sense. Theresa is murdered on her birthday on her college campus and begins reliving the day over and over again. She tries many different scenarios to change the outcome. Will she succeed?

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