Special Cases: Caring for the discarded ones

Published 8:00 am Friday, September 14, 2018

He was lying on the side of the road, and it looked to the entire world that he was struck by a vehicle. 

He was a large Shepherd mix, and the lady who had stopped her car and was standing over him didn’t have the strength or the means to help him. Jackie Hanfman, a friend and volunteer at Pet Tender Angels, stopped and, between the two of them, put the dog in Jackie’s car and brought him to Landrum vet. 

Jackie informed me of what was going on, and I went to Landrum vet to offer whatever was needed from my friend.

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X-rays were taken — there were not broken bones. The poor boy was just old.


After other tests, neurological problems were discovered. A microchip showed us he was chipped somewhere in Wisconsin, but no one could be reached. 

After a great deal of money and effort, he was humanely put to sleep. Jackie called me that evening.

“I love you, Lennie, for all you did for that dog.” 

“Well Jackie, at least he didn’t die on the side of the road like some piece of discarded trash. You know what saddens me, Jackie?” 

“What is that, Lennie?” 

“I never even got to know his name.”

Bloke is an Aussie Shepherd who is 11 years old. His owner passed away, and though family members made an honest effort, they couldn’t care for him.  He loves people and other animals, and is definitely a house dog; he cannot be left outside alone. 

In my book, “A voice in the hills,” a part of the epilogue is a story called “The Collaborator.” 

I have met Bloke and he very much reminds me of Cola, the fictional dog from that story.  You see, Bloke doesn’t understand what is going on. He somehow feels abandoned after showing nothing but love and loyalty all his life. 

There are so many in need, and more coming in every day. If you can, give this precious boy a loving home to end his days in — don’t let him be discarded like so many others.

By the way, he loves tummy rubs.

Thanks for listening.