Finding another way to honor Wingo

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I will begin with thanking the Bulletin for its fair coverage of the Polk County School Board meeting on Aug. 13.

However, I would like to add the following comments:

• Superintendent Aaron Greene’s recommendation he presented had been shared with us on previous occasions when meeting with him and school board members. We (the Tryon Tigers 1965 basketball team) rejected this each time, because the inside of the old Tryon High School gym is almost never used by the public.

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Who would notice and read anything about Harthorne Wingo? Almost zero. A Total waste of time and money.

By Mr. Greene recommending and the board voting for the recommendation, our proposal was never voted on.

• Chairman Geoffrey Tennant would not recognize the final results of the poll conducted by The Tryon Daily Bulletin. He wanted to use the results before the poll was reopened.

The poll was reopened because of demand from the public that they did not get the opportunity to participate. The final results were yes, 456; no, 112; no opinion, 28; never heard of him (Wingo), 57.

• Mr. Greene’s recommendation, he mentioned several things the school board wanted to do to recognize and honor Wingo.

He mentioned the Harlem Wizards coming to play a game as a fundraiser. The 1965 basketball teammates came up with this idea, and asked the board to use school facilities. We were to pay all expenses for using the facilities. This would be a great event for the public and a good fundraiser for Wingo.

• This problem could have been easily solved by asking the school board to amend its policy for naming buildings.

The policy states that one must be a contributor or educator to qualify. Maybe we need to start a fundraiser and contribute the money to the Polk County Schools in Wingo’s name. Would that qualify?

The 1965 basketball teammates will move forward with other avenues to honor and recognize our teammate.

Bill Metcalf,