The legend continues

Published 8:00 am Saturday, August 11, 2018

Goodwin Hounds inaugural hunt

MILL SPRING — It was a perfect day for the first hunt of the Goodwin Hounds last weekend. Master of Fox Hounds Tot Goodwin invited hunters to join him for the inaugural hunt of the Goodwin Hounds at Scott’s Grove Farm in Inman.

Goodwin recently retired as Huntsman and Joint Master of the Green Creek Hounds. Originally trained with hunting legend, Ben Hardaway, Goodwin then became Huntsman for the Green Creek Hounds in 1989. He is recognized throughout the world as an expert on the subject of hounds and foxhunting.

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He and his wife, Colleen, have now decided to start their own hunt with a pack of 12 couple crossbred and English hounds. “We’re going to start a small hunt,” Goodwin said. “We have access to country in Inman, Statesville and in Union, S. C.”

MFH Tot Goodwin with his hounds on the inaugural hunt of the Goodwin Hounds last Saturday. (Photo by Catherine Hunter/Tryon Daily Bulletin)

Of course they have been invited to hunt with other hunts all over the world as well, but hope to develop a regular fixtures in the area close to their home and kennels in Mill Spring. “We’re having a joint meet with the Camargo Hunt in Kentucky in September for the Pony Clubbers,” Goodwin said.

“The challenge is finding country to hunt in the area that won’t infringe on other hunts,” Colleen said.

A few years ago there were four hunts in the Foothills area. In addition to Green Creek and Tryon Hounds, there was Greenville County Hounds that hunted the Gowensville area and Stone Brook Hounds that hunted in Inman.

“They gave the Greenville County country to Tryon Hounds,” Goodwin said.

Scott’s Grove Farm owner, Leslie Scott, and Marc James served as honorary Whipper-ins and Anna Dalton served as honorary Field Master for Saturday’s hunt. Goodwin said they treed a coon in the beginning of the day and later ran three coyotes.

“The hounds are out of shape, so it was a short run,” he said. “But it was good for the people and the horses.”

Both Goodwin and Colleen are extremely grateful for the enormous amount of support they’ve received from local hunters as well as those around the country. They hope to offer subscriptions for the hunt in the near future, as they are able to develop more country. In the mean time they working with cap fees and donations. 

For more information about the Goodwin Hounds or to be on the mailing list, email Colleen at or call 828-817-2121.