Sowing destruction

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, July 11, 2018

America’s right-wing administration, including the Supreme Court majority, propels our nation into fascism.

Despite some encouraging pockets of resistance, it looks as if Americans are soaking it up, ignoring it or simply clueless as to long-range effects.

How quickly the body politic has accepted without question outrageous lies, abandonment of due process under law and unmitigated cruelty. By leaps and bounds, our democracy erodes.

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Homeland security? With every passing day, we isolate ourselves from international trade, mutual defense and cooperation we become more vulnerable. The free world is turning against the United States.

More jobs? How many more American companies will move operations abroad to escape trade war results? How many jobs lost here?

Economic prosperity? Yes, for a very few.

How will the poor, the underemployed, unemployed, disabled and middle class pay for goods and services, health care and education as inflation creeps into a fractured economy? The growing gap between rich and poor is ripping society apart.

The present administration is sowing toxic seeds that will create an economic and social jungle. If not curtailed, we will be strangled to death.

Maryneal Jones,