Special Cases: The greatest honor

Published 8:00 am Friday, May 18, 2018

I’ve often spoke of the many cases that I simply handled without letting my readers in on.

Something happened recently that changed my mind about two cases I’m still working on.

I often have cases where the people frustrate the heck out of me with their ignorance and falsehoods. Each rescue I work with has similar stories.

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The simple cases with the good people don’t get told of enough.

Angel Mitchell at Bonnie Brae sent me the case of Dixie, a pit mix that needs tests to find out what’s wrong. I spoke with the lady who owns Dixie, and thought the problem may be heartworm. 

I learned the owner rescued the dog nine years ago and has never missed whatever Dixie needs. Not only that, she has helped others when she could and I was told that calling me for help was difficult for her to do, since she’d recently fell on hard times.

Except for speaking on the phone, I haven’t met her or her dog Dixie, but these are the sort I rarely write about. Hopefully I’ll meet Dixie in the future, but Bonnie Brae has the go ahead to give Dixie whatever she needs and to bill my fund.

Two weeks ago, I was at Landrum vet when I met Bubbles, the cutest little 4-year-old black and white Shitzu.

I was there on a different matter so I simply asked, “How’s Bubbles doing?” 

The lady was holding Bubbles against her chest and I could sense the love and anxiety. 

“He hasn’t urinated in two days, and we’re afraid he has some sort of infection.” 

“Ell, you’re in the right place,” I said, cupping Bubble’s face in my hands. “If you need help, tell them to call me. Let’s give this sweet little thing whatever she needs.”

Dixie still has tests pending, and all we can do is pray for the best. 

As for Bubbles, the next day, I checked in at Landrum vet to see how she was doing. I was picking up Bubble’s bill with the stipulation that they would pay back whatever they could in the future. I learned that Bubble’s urine was very dark but, after some antibiotics, it was now a light brown. 

More tests were being done, but Bubbles seems fine. 

“They’re out in the waiting room,” Dr. Raines told me. 

I went out to see how Bubbles was doing, and this time, I was greeted by a gentleman who offered me the warmest smile and said, “My wife and I agreed that God sent you to us.” 

The words stopped me in my tracks. My vision began to blur as I welled up with tears. I thought of the many times I’ve prayed for help and I was sent another even more difficult case. 

It was like the Lord telling me, “I will judge when you’ve had enough, just keep the faith.”

And how the thought of he to whom all honor and glory belongs may have used me as a tool, humbles me to the bottom of my soul. 

Thanks for your prayers, He is listening.

And thanks for listening.

P.S. My gala is this Sunday from 2 to 6 p.m. at Sunnydale in Tryon. Please come and help all the rescues.