Community Chorus: Best one yet! 

Published 8:00 am Friday, May 11, 2018

The Rotary/Community Chorus provided yet another musical extravaganza, this one a tour de force for the singers.

Director Lesley Bush kept them going, with almost no breaks to catch their breath, except for some relief offered by the Sweet Sixteen Show Ensemble (but they were also members of the chorus!) . . .

I see that I started an enthusiastic appraisal of December’s program, but, for some reason, never finished it. This time, several people told me that they were looking forward to my write-up on Tuesday morning.

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Now I feel obligated, but at a loss for enough superlatives to describe the sources of my enjoyment.

Yes, Lesley outdid himself, as did Pam [McNeil], and Mark [Schweizer], and Linda Lee [Reynolds], and Tina [Greene Porter], other soloists and a lot of choristers who probably did not realize they had it in them. But they let it all out in fine form, all of them, and gave us everyone’s favorite Broadway show tunes from its golden era right after World War II up until the present.

A much bigger crowd applauded this performance, usually thunderously — there were even some loud whistles and vocal approvals expressed. We even had a bosun’s whistle introduce the men’s chorus performance of South Pacific’s “There Is Nothing Like a Dame.”

See/hear you in December.

Garland Goodwin, Columbus