Polk calls for new survey of Henderson County line

Published 8:00 am Thursday, May 3, 2018

Manager unsure if properties may switch jurisdictions

COLUMBUS — The boundaries of Polk County near Henderson County could be changing, as the county has asked the North Carolina Geodetic Survey to resurvey the line.

The Geodetic Survey is also currently resurveying the Polk/Rutherford county line.

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Polk County Manager Marche Pittman said this week that the survey is a two-year process. Polk County asked the Geodetic Survey to resurvey the Rutherford County line in January 2017, so the results from that survey are not yet complete.

The Polk County Board of Commissioners recently approved a resolution to ask for the survey.

Pittman said he does not yet know what the new surveys will mean for people’s properties and addresses.

“I don’t know if people could end up being in another county,” Pittman said. “There could not be any changes, but I find that hard to believe. I feel like there will be some changes, but don’t know what.”

Pittman said the survey is important because it affects where people are taxed and where they vote, “so it’s a really important project.”

Polk County decided last year to resurvey the Rutherford County line after a family last year thought they lived in that county and voted there, but later found out they actually lived in Polk County.

By approving a resolution, the geodetic survey will resurvey the borders. Pittman said the survey will give the county its boundaries and will cost the county nothing.

There are a few areas of Polk County that can only be accessed by entering Henderson County to get there.

There are also a few areas of Polk County where the county has interlocal agreements with Henderson County fire departments, because those crews are much closer to Polk County residences.

There are also several areas of Polk near Rutherford County, where residents have addresses in that county, but are actually located in Polk.

It is not known yet when the surveys will be complete, but the county expects to get the Rutherford County borders sometime next year, and the Henderson County borders sometime in 2020.

Commissioners approved the Henderson County border resolution unanimously last week.