Trump larger threat to America than her foreign adversaries

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Not one whit do I give about Donald Trump’s sexual exploitations, nor the women trying to reap monetary benefits from their previous liaisons with him.

Prostitution (sex for money) is as old as humanity. Even spouses engage in paid sex when demanding rewards. Yes, men as well as women can prostitute themselves.

Fueled by the public fascination with prurient affairs, mass media concentrates on high profile sexual misconduct rather than the chaos in our political leadership. Our ship of state is shipwrecked!

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Who cares that our country barrels toward bankruptcy: slashing taxes for the wealthy while escalating the national debt on frivilous and unnecessary spending such as border walls and show of military might, a la North Korea and Hitler’s Germany.

Who cares that we can afford millions in those ways but cannot educate, train for new technological jobs or provide health care for our people; that inevitable inflation, recession if not major economic collapse will bring great hardship, especially on the elderly? Who cares that we can abandon environmental protection policies to allow oil and gas companies to further pollute land, water and air, endangering the very planet’s ability to sustain life?

Who cares that engaging in trade wars will deprive us of goods we need and depend on from other countries; that many of us cannot afford the price of

“Made in U.S.A.?” Military build up is to go to war. As Trump continues to fire anyone who dares oppose him, and hires only yes men and even one who will urge him to war, I believe Trump is itching to put his finger on the nuclear button. Isn’t that ultimate power?

At best, another Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. At worst, a scorched planet.

Right wingers will label my effort Trump bashing. For sure!

He is more damaging to America and the world than North Korea, Russia, China or terrorism.

This is a call for impeachment.

Maryneal Jones, Columbus