Foothills Duplicate Bridge results

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Results from Thursday, March 15 bridge are as follows:

Morning Game


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1. Don Eifert and Laura Lee Montross

2. Dick Belthoff and Evalynn Hyra

3. Lee Ellis and Vivian Blackshear

4. Sandra Tillman and Sue Rothemich


1. Bob Palmer and Dave Hart

2. Bill Kelley and Peggy Henson

3. Irena Teal and Archie Hardy

4/5 Kathleen Schenkel and Yoshi Kinoshita

4/5 Bill Couch and Roger Dehnel

Afternoon Game


1. Ron Wingo and Sally Jo Carter

2. Linda Sherer and Mel Rogers

1(B)  Kris Diggs and Vey Turner


1. Nancy and George Russell

2. Carolyn Elsey and Chip Boyle

2(B) Ingram Willis and Deanie Wynn

Results from Friday, March 16 bridge are as follows:

Morning Game


1. Vicki and Bill McCartha

2. Gordy Cwik and Dave Mullen

3/4  Kris Diggs and Vey Turner

3/4  Carolyn Ashburn and Sherill Wingo

4(C) Evalynn Hyra and Eilene Morgan


1. Deanie Wynn and Ingram Willis

2. Anna Johnson and Sandra Tillman

3. Bill Rearick and Flora Van Dijck

4. Elizabeth Refshauge and Margaret Cole

2(B) Stephanie and Don Williamson

2(C) Jane Janke and Ellen Harvey-Zipf

Afternoon Game


1. Sally Jo Carter and Patrick Collins

2. Bill Anixter and Flora Van Dijck


1. Jean Case and Deanie Wynn

2. Chip Boyle and Doug Southard

– Submitted by George Russell